Having clear and powerful sound is important in any learning environment. The environment sets the mood of the classroom and how much information a person will retain. Having the right classroom audio is part of the learning environment. Roemtech has created a advanced classroom audio system. The PlenumAmp line, consists of three different models of amplifiers that have the capabilities to project clear sounds from the above the ceilings. The advanced noise filtration that has been created in the Roemtech amplifiers, the HummBuster Technology, removes the high frequency noise which is created through the sound cards in some computers.The classroom amplificationconference room amplification audio system provides switch HummBusters that ensure a noise-free classroom or conference room. Roemtech ceiling speakers produce a high range of audio quality, 60 Hz- 20 kHz, ensuring the right sound is being projected in the learning enviroment.

Many classroom audio systems do not have a strong power source because of a weak amplifier. Roemtech creates a high-powered line of classroom amplifiers that solves that problem.

Roemtech audio systems are recommended in learning classrooms K-12 and college classrooms as well as board meeting rooms, training room, restaurant amplifier for background music, and mini amplifier for application with limited space.