Roku 2 XS

Media Streaming Revolution

Roku is the next step in the media streaming revolution. This small compact player can fit neatly in the palm of your hand while bring the world of entertainment to you. It is very easy to use. I just plugged it into the back of the television with an HDMI or using the RCA jack. It can be hooked up through your wireless internet or hardwire with Ethernet. It can stream over 300 channels of shows, music, and movies to where ever you have your Roku player which means you can bring it with you and have streaming media where ever you go. A lot of the channels are free like Disney which shows clips from movies and music videos, Crackle which shows gobs of great movies, Podcast shows and many, many more.

I was also offered a month subscription to Hulu Plus and I was able to catch up on House, Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy with only 30 second commercials intermittently. You can also purchase subscriptions to Amazon instant video, Netflix, and HBO is coming. They have 3 players available Roku Hd, Roku HS and the Roku2 HS.

The Roku2 HS is what is pictured above and it comes with an enhanced remote with motion control for games. Now what games can you play with a media streaming system? You guessed it; the popular full edition of Angry Birds™ comes free with the Roku2. You can also play chess, Sudoku, and the worm tunnel pipe line games. If you are looking for that hard-to buy person, I bet they do not have a Roku2! It would make the best gift for any technology lover or actually an entertainment lover as well.

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