Roto Rooter Arrival

I was kind of unsure as to what to expect when Roto-Rooter said they would do a whole house drain cleaning.  My house was a bit messy  cause my kids are sick and we had toys everywhere to keep them entertained! I made the appoinment from between 8 and 12, and Matt showed up at my door all chipper with a smile on his face at 8:30. The first thing he did was put shoe gaurds on his shoes to keep from getting my juice spilled on floor dirty! How sweet 🙂 I really thought that was a nice touch to try to keep the yuck from the wet grass outside. He introduced himself and began to ask me what my problem areas with my drains were and I showed him around the house. I told him of my plumber-related items like toilets need the handle held down to flush and my leaky faucets (totally drain-cleaning unrelated) He opted to clean my drains first. He started in the kitchen with a 1/4″ cable and ran it through my main lines. My boys were fascinated with all the noise and the strange man in the house.  Matt was very nice to my boys and made conversation with them and the dog! He even explained to me what he was doing (probably cause I was snapping pictures acting like he was a celebrity).Matt Roto Rooter

Matt cleaned all the main branches of the drains with this “snake-pump-thing” in the kitchen, baths, and sinks in the bathrooms. Can you tell Mason was fascinated? After the cleaning of the grime and hair, Tons of hair!; Matt poured down a bottle of Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield preventative maintenance  treatment which digests household greases, soaps, fats, and detergents. Matt said use liquid soap and washing soap over powdered to prevent build-up. The Pipe Sheild also gives drains a protective coat to prevent buildup.Kitchen Roto Rooter


After piping out the inside, Matt went outside to tackle the sewer system. He pointed out a white cap in my front yard that was the access. He said it is good to know where it is in case of an emergency! Now I know, never noticed it before. Below is a video of Matt scoping my drains with a camera to look for roots, cracks, or any other problems with my pipes. All clear. Whew!

Matt also checked my toilets for leaks and replaced my flaps. He even fixed the handles so I could just flush in stead of having to do the flush and count. He also redid the faucet seals and adjusted my flappers.This pic is Matt threading my sewer line with the camera like shown on the video above.outside sewer


Many of my readers know that my husband is gone 6 weeks at a time, so I often have to do the little things like fix leaky toilets, faucets and such. Matt laughed when I told him how I did it. I just turned the water off. So, when the cold water pipe started leaking in my master bath, I just turned it off and brushed my teeth with hot water! Matt was so nice that he drove to the Ace hardware near my house and picked up the part to fix my faucet! I can now brush my teeth with COLD water. Then, as if everything Roto-Rooter had done for me wasn’t enough, Matt replaced my aerators in my sinks! Thank you Matt, and thank you Roto-Rooter.

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1. One of the following services:

  • Whole House Drain Cleaning – The main sewer and every drain and branch line in the home’s drainage system will be Roto-Rootered with our cable machines. Then treated with Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield, a safe, bio-based green drain maintenance product that slows the rate of buildup in drains. Plus, they’ll leave behind an extra gallon of Pipe Shield for the homeowner to use. This service is valued at several hundred dollars and involves a lot of labor but the result should be problem-free drains for long, long time.
  • Green Bathroom Retrofit – Roto-Rooter will replace the toilet tank parts with efficient new ones and convert the existing toilet into an efficient dual-flush model that used much less water (note that the dual-flush retrofit kit will not work on Toto brand toilets, which have an extra wide trapway).  Additionally, if the current shower head is inefficient, Roto-Rooter would replace it with a new Niagara 1.5 gallon-per-minute (chrome) model that significantly reduces water use without sacrificing shower comfort or quality.In other words, these new low-flow models are engineered so that most people won’t be able to tell they are using a low-flow shower head. (Yes, they are that goodJ). Finally, they will replace existing bathroom sink aerators with slightly more restrictive models to force the existing faucets to put out only a gallon of water per minute. Most sinks use between 2.2 and 3 gallons of water per minute.
  • Replace the existing garbage disposal with a high-quality quieter model.
  • Free video inspection and assessment of the main sewer line – A technician will feed a sophisticated fiber optic video camera through the home’s underground sewer pipe and the homeowner will be able to view in real time on a video monitor. This allows the homeowner to see if there are any problems inside the sewer such as breaks, offset pipes, root intrusion, pipe collapse, clogs, etc. We’ll even leave behind a DVD or VHS copy of the inspection. This service is approximately a $300 value (price varies by market).

2. 50 copies of the “Chilling Tales” book.

3. Grand prize:

  • Replace older model water heater with an efficient new model – Depending upon the home’s current plumbing and utility configuration, a hybrid heat pump model or a tank-less model may work best to provide lower cost hot water reliably. Note: Not all of the locations do water heater replacement and still others don’t do tankless or hybrid heat pump replacement, so this option may be limited to specific areas.

This opportunity was provided to me by Mom Spark Media.