Kids play hard on the playground and need something that can withstand their play while still protecting them in the event they fall.  Shredded rubber mulch is the perfect product to use in a playground area.  It is a unique product made up of rubber chunks, or shreds. The shreds are recycled tires that have been chipped apart.  When kids fall on these, they are far less likely to be seriously hurt.  Rubberecycle Playersafer Rubber Mulch is a breakthrough in landscape and playground surface.  You can purchase shredded rubber mulch from Rubberecycle Playsafer in a variety of colors to make your surface stand out.

Another perk of the rubber mulch is that it is better for the environment.  Not only are you helping to keep tires from the landfill, but you are using a long-lasting ground cover.  It will keep it’s rich color for years and forms an insulating cover for your soil.  It allows water and nutrients in, but will not allow weeds to grow.  You don’t have to only use it to protect those knees and elbows from falls, you can place this around trees and shrubs.  You won’t have to worry about pulling weeds anymore.  It is much safer than wood mulch that is commonly used.  It is non-toxic and will not breed or attract insects.  The rubber will not rot, mold or decompose.  It helps to reduce the amount of dust and mud your yard or play area produces.  You will love how it dries quickly and will not freeze.  It is a safer, better solution for any landscaping project.

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