Safe Nail Polish For Kids

Safe Nail Polish For Kids

Are you using safe nail polish for kids or are you using unsafe nail polish?  I honestly never really out much thought into if the nail polish I use is safe or not.  I put it on and take it off when it starts wearing off.  What else is there to think about?  Well, actually there is a lot to think about.  Did you know that most nail polish on the market has harsh chemicals that are unsafe and highly flammable?  I guess if we thought about it, we would know that based on the smell alone, these polishes are not the best choice for us or especially for our kids.  The best nail polish to use is something that is all natural, safe and will still last as long as any other polish on the market.

Piggy Paint
Piggy Paint is the safe alternative to the harmful polishes on the market today.  Melanie Hurley and her girls were painting their nails one day when one of the girls dropped some polish on the foam plate they had under their hands.  Melanie was horrified when the polish started to bubble and eat a hole through the plate.  That is when Melanie decided it was time to find a safer polish for the kids to use and Piggy Paint was born.  Although marketed for kids, grown-ups like Piggy Polish too!!  Piggy Paints come in a variety of colors, including glow in the dark and team colors and you can even get safe remover as well.  These water based polishes are free of formaldehyde, acetone and acetate and are hypoallergenic as well.  You can even buy Puppy Paint for your furry baby!!  As Melanie proudly tells you that Piggy Polish is made from the natural ingredients that God provided, making Piggy Pain safe as mud!!  You can follow Piggy Paint on Facebook or on Twitter.

Paint Nails With Non Toxic Paint

Paint Nails With Non Toxic PaintUpon learning about how harsh the ingredients in nail polish were, I was very open to paint nails with non-toxic paint.  Piggy Paint was a great item to review considering I had just been reading about the ingredients in the majority of polishes in the market.  I was given the remover ($8.99) as well as a bottle of Forever Fancy ($8.99) and Girls Rule ($8.99).  The colors are surprising bright and when you put the polish on, it feels like “regular” nail polish.  When I saw the paints had a water base, it would be really thin and runny. It was absolutely not runny at all, but rather nice and thick and went on evenly.  I chose the Girls Rule because the color was a fun and bright purple and Caitlin and I thought that would be a good choice.  I love that there are no harsh smells and if you put your hands in your mouth, you are safe in doing so.  I really love the Piggy Paint line and would recommend it to anyone who paints their name.

The folks at Piggy Paint have given our readers an exclusive promo code for 15% off your purchase, which is valid through 9/20/12.  Please use: MakobiScribe

One reader will win a $25 gift certificate to be used at Piggy Paint.


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  2. Midnight Pansy and All That Razz are pretty sweet! Thanks for the giveaway and the amazing product. I will be looking into this for sure!!

  3. My son, 9yo, is learning to paint his nails. Yes, his choice! Currently he is wearing a shimmery teal that looks a lot like Hypnotize. He added a red crossbones stamp. I’d love to get a bottle of the Nail Polish Remover and start getting him water-based paints.

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