Samsung Galaxy Note 4

So you have a new tablet and you want to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the S Pen can enhance your apps and take them to a new level. It has an intuitive full-touch screen and unique interface, enabling you to capture, create and share more content on-the-go than ever before. Now you can get your creative side on with drawing, sketching, note-taking, gaming and so much more. Here are just 8 apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you will love.


S Memo: This app allow you to draw pictures, makes lists, make voice recordings and typed text. You can even combine any of these with one another like drawing a picture with a voice recording, convert it into a “memo,” and then shared with family, friends, or coworkers.


S Planner: This handy app helps you manage and coordinate your schedules, link memos to particular events, and add map locations as well as pictures. The app integrates with your phone’s to-do-list, which makes it super easy to stay organized and on time.

crayon physics

Crayon Physics: This super cool 2D physics puzzle and sandbox game is perfect for the nerdy kid in all of us. You can see what your drawings would look like if they were transformed into real life physical objects.

zen brush

Zen Brush: Another cool artistic tool allows you to sketch and write with an “ink brush”. YOu can create your very own works of art, making fluid strokes as if you were using a real pen. You can choose from 36 background templates and 3 different ink shades and you can adjust brush size as you like.


ComicBook!: This app will take your photo and transform you into your favorite superhero or villain. The comic book-style layout comes with windows and bubbles, so you can even create comic book like dialogues.

sooner and cathc

Soonr Scribble: This cloud-based app allows you to capture your ideas and mark up and share documents. It also backs up your documents and files. It also allows file sharing, searching, editing and syncing from any device, online or offline.

Catch: This app is for someone like me that always has a million ideas and no where to write them. It allows you to capture your ideas and experiences on all your devices, and offers you secure auto-syncing to the cloud. You can capture pictures, write notes, record voice memos, map locations, and attach reminders.

fruit ninja

Games: All work and no play makes all of us pretty burned out! So put down that work and play a few games! For instance, Fruit Ninja Free is an exciting action game my family is pretty addicted to playing. You swipe up across the screen to slash fruit like a true ninja warrior.

Of course there are way more apps for you to investigate, but I wanted to get you started with my favorites and let you explre from there.