Samsung S4

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, there are many options out there. The tricky thing is to weed through what is out there to find the phone you need. May of the phone available have very similar features, so finding what is special about them is the key. The experts recommend you make a list of the features you are looking for in a phone to help narrow down your search. Here is a list of the top features buyers were most excited about on this particular model:

Top Features On The Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Switch Information Easily: If you have an iPhone or Blackberry and are purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can transfer your contacts, wallpaper, messages and other data. All you need is an iTunes or Blackberry Desktop backup to make this transfer complete.
  2. Easy Mode: If you are a bit overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles of the S4, you have an out. You can just use the Easy Mode and just use the most common features like messaging, calling and using your camera.
  3. Data Plan Numbers: If you have a limited data plan, you can easy check your numbers by the Data Usage area. To make it even easier, you can input the numbers of your plan into your phone and your phone will not let you go over your numbers.
  4. Customize Your Audio: One feature many people like is the ability to adapt your audio settings. Many people hear treble and bass differently, so the S4 allows you to set your phone so you hear it in the best way possible.
  5. Favorite Apps: You can easily move your most used apps to one screen with the swipe of a finger.
  6. Shortcuts: If you have certain options you use often that are not your typical feature, no problem! If you are a traveler and use the “Airplane Mode” a lot, you can easily customize it in your shortcuts. If you have favorite camera or display settings, you can do the same thing.
  7. Drama Shot: Your camera on the S4 has something called Drama Shot which allows you to take 100 pictures in only 4 seconds!
  8. Translator: If you are a world traveler, the S4 is the phone for you! The S4 can translate in 9 languages, including Chinese, French and German.
  9. Adapt Display: The S4 has a function that will adjust to what is comfortable for your eyes based on your viewing history.
  10. Story Album: If you are a photo bug, the Story Album is a huge plus for you. The feature will prompt you when you take similar pictures and wil ask if you want to add it to one of your albums.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

As you can see from this very short list, there are a lot of great features you will love on the Samsung Galaxy S4. In addition, you can also enjoy the Android operated phone for its talk time for up to 18 hours or its 370 standby hours. The 5″ display makes seeing everything much easier, especially with its 1920 x 1080 resolution and the phone is quite easy to navigate. The camera is front and rear facing and has a fantastic 13.0 megapixels. The video capability is  Wi-Fi and 4G and has a 720p resolution to give you crystal clear videos. With 16GB of storage capacity, you can download all the apps you like, watch videos, add pictures and so much more. There are so many more features and you can see them all by visiting the Verizon website for full S4 details. Be sure to follow Verizon Wireless on Facebook and Twitter.