Save Your Memories And Protect Your Important Files

Some of you may remember the old days when we took pictures with a camera that used film. Once you snapped all of your photos, you would take the film to the closest developer and pick up your prints in a few days. We really got excited when one hour photo developing came about so there was no more waiting. I can also remember when all my important papers were filed in a lock box in my office. If I needed to find a paper, I would sift through the files until I located it. How things have changed! Now we can upload photos and save files with the touch of a button. No more worries about tearing a picture or it getting wet or faded or misplacing your taxes. Well, so I thought until I had my laptop break recently and lost all of my pictures and files that were stored on it. Now those precious memories are gone forever as I was told they were not retrievable. I just wish I had head about Carbonite Online Backup before my computer crashed.

Save Your Memories And Protect Your Important Files

When I lost all of my pictures and files, I began to wonder if this could happen on my phone and other devices. I take pictures with my phone and I have them stored there as well. I take my tablet with my when I travel, so I have important documents and files on there too. With Carbonite, I found you can have all of your images and documents and files backed up safely and securely. I would have loved to have known you can save your memories and protect your important files with Carbonite. If my phone or tablet is lost or stolen, I can let insurance replace it and I will have all of my data already stored with Carbonite. With their bank level security for my data, I do not worry about anyone being able to get access to my files.

One of the things I really like about the Carbonite storage system is that they automatically back up my data for me. I do not need to worry about losing something because I forgot to back it up. You also have your files encrypted, so no one can hack them and the customer service department is always there for you. You have unlimited storage space so you can keep your documents, photos, music and anything else you keep. Carbonite offers several packages that range from the Basic Home package for $59 to their Business Premier which runs $599. With all of the packages, you save money with each additional year you include in your package. There is a price for every budget and need and with Carbonite being so affordable, you and I will never lose our precious memories again. Do you want the chance to win a year’s subscription to Carbonite?


  1. The Basic Home Package would probably be enough for us. My oldest daughter would get the most use from a product like this.

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