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As a wife, a mommy, a teacher, and a blogger, you can imagine that my morning routine is absolutely hectic. Whenever I think I have found my groove and have a successful morning routine nailed down, something (or someone) always throws a wrench in it. I have been a mommy blogger who is also in the workforce for the last two years. It is definitely not easy keeping up with the daily grind, while also managing my own work from home business. Over the years, I have come up with a handful of tips to manage my mornings in order to achieve a morning routine that works.

tips for a successful morning routine

5 Tips for a Successful Morning Routine

Scrambling for shoes, backpacks, textbooks, and your briefcase is in no way efficient. Have a designated spot for everything, preferably on the way out the door, to make it easier to grab and go and not have to hunt for the day’s necessary items.

Always set the coffee pot the night before. If you don’t have a pot with a timer, at least set the water in the basin and the coffee in the filter so that you can save those precious moments in the morning.

If you have a baby in daycare, pack their bags for the entire week versus daily. Have diapers, wipes, sheets, blankets, medicines, and whatever else baby needs for the week.

I almost always try to pack my car the night before. Backpacks, textbooks, baby gear, and anything else non-perishable goes in the car the night before so that we aren’t scrambling for it the following morning. Plus, it is one less thing to carry to the car in the morning when you are trying to load the kids.

I have set up bins with weekly clothing for each of my children. There are 5 drawers, and each is labeled it a day of the week, Monday-Friday. Every Sunday I do laundry and place clothes in each the drawer for each day.

Morning Routine luvs
In no way are my above tips fail-proof. There have been many mornings when I have followed my morning routine and my morning is still hectic. What I do know is that following this routine has saved my butt most mornings. Another thing that has saved my butt, or Avery’s butt, rather, are Luvs diapers. They are part of Avery’s weekly bag for daycare. I swear, her daycare must change her diaper every 20 minutes. We go through them like crazy! But I can rest assured knowing they are a great diaper at a great value. My successful morning routine would never be complete without them!

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