Group of happy young people drink wine at party disco restaurantHaving an ice cold beer or a cocktail after a long day is great to take the edge off, but you don’t necessarily want to go out with friends to the bar as you might have a few too many and have a splitting headache the next morning. Studies have shown that drinking is good for us in moderation but bad if we start binge drinking. So how do we get past the dilemma of getting past the bar scene and just having enough for ourselves to relax? The answer lies in a DIY bar design that easily can be built on any budget. Today, we will be looking at some of these great DIY bar designs.

Corner Table Bar

Take any round table you already have at home and cut it into two. Take one half and paint it with a fresh, lustrous coat of color, before attaching it to your preferred free wall. You can then decorate it with a collection of your favorite glasses.

Add a few pieces of art that you like and voila, your corner mini bar! This idea is perfect if you have a limited space in your house; it provides more functionality and a touch of elegance.

Cabinet Bar

Another inexpensive DIY bar idea is to outfit an old cabinet or buy one to serve as a beverage station. A relatively taller cabinet, dressed with several shelves would be perfect. Note that you don’t have to buy a brand new cabinet; you can look at furniture thrift shops and yard sales for something that can work for you.

Bar Sink

With a combination of kitchen sink faucets, you can create a home bar with extra convenience and style. There are several creative sinks available in the market today. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles that can fit virtually any bar design your mind can conceive.

Vintage Bar

If you have any dresser that is no longer in use, you can simply transform it into a home bar. Consider giving it a fresh white color and slightly scratch it for a more vintage allure. This is a very convenient and functional design where you can keep your bottles and glasses. Furthermore, you can decorate the surface with a statement piece of art, glasses, flowers, or any of your personal touches.

Rustic bar

You have a lot of options when it comes to a DIY rustic bar. You can collect fruit boxes, warehouse pallets, or even visit old construction sites to find used lumber. The point is when you build a rustic bar you don’t have to be spot of the money for your lumber choices.

It’s nice to have a personal bar if not to entertain friends to just have a place where you can enjoy a couple drinks. Being able to enjoy alcohol in moderation is part of our everyday enjoyments as adults and it’s nice to be in the safety of our own homes and not be pressured to go to an overpriced bar where you might have too many drinks and be in jeopardy of drinking and driving where you could lose your license, get in an accident, or hurt yourself as well as others. So that being said, it should be an easy choice to build a DIY bar. So which bar design will you choose for your home?