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I love to use coupons to save money on my grocery bills, but sometimes, clipping coupons and all the planning it entails just doesn’t fit into my schedule. Luckily, I have found another money-saving strategy that involves very little advance planning: Buying Loss Leaders.

Have you heard the term “Loss Leaders” before? Loss Leaders are all the sale items advertised in the grocery store weekly ads. These specially priced items are what the grocery store uses to entice customers into the store to buy, in hopes that the customer will also buy regularly priced items while they are there. To effectively save money using the Loss Leader strategy, you must not yield to the temptation to buy the non-sale items.

If you don’t get your local newspaper, don’t worry, you can pick up your local grocery store circular as you walk into the store! Or, if you want to do a little bit of advance shopping planning, most stores post their weekly ads online at their website.

Here is how I shop the Loss Leaders at my store:
Grab my weekly circular as I cruise into the grocery store with my cart. Open it up and see what is on sale that week. *Tip: Only buy Loss Leader products that your family will actually use. Even if you get a steal of a deal on eggplants, it won’t do any good to buy them if no one will eat them.

As my grocery budget allows, I stock up on the Loss Leader items I know my family uses – even if we aren’t in “need” of them at the current time. *Tip: Stockpiling items while they are on sale will save you money in the future.
Plan your family’s weekly meals based on the Loss Leaders. Example: If ground hamburger and strawberries are loss leaders, you can bet we will be eating those things that week at my house. *Tip: As your budget allows, buy and freeze Loss Leader meats, fruits and vegetables – it will save you money on future trips.

And that’s it! Pretty simple, huh? Well, that’s the way I like to keep things – EASY! Here are a couple other tips to help you get maximum benefits from shopping the Loss Leaders:

*Tip: Know what a “good price” is for the item. Some people keep a Price Book to help them record normal prices of grocery items so they can know a good sale when they see it.

*Tip: Loss Leader items are unpredictable: You’ll never know what products will go on sale from week to week, and you’ll never know when they will come around for the same low price again. Use your best judgment and try to stock up on non-perishable Loss Leader items so that you won’t have to buy them again until the next time they go on sale.

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