I have a few opportunities for guest bloggers on Makobi Scribe. The areas I am looking for are The Failing Economy: A Positive Outcome, Meme Spotlight: Feature Your Meme, and one like this post: Saving Money: Tips On How To Do It.

Everyone out there is trying to save money! Do you have a tip on how to do it? Are you an extreme couponer with a secret or two to share? Have you turned to a greener lifestyle such as cloth diapering, using public transportation, recycling or walking more?  Have you cut back on spending on luxury items and brand names? Do you frequent ebay and Craig’s List? I want to hear YOUR story…email me at jennifer@makobiscribe.com with Saving Money in the subject line if you are interested in being published on Makobi Scribe.

Saving money has become more than just a necessity in my household, now it is a fun hobby and almost (dare I say) an addiction. One of the first ways our family was forced to save money was to become a one-car family.  My car had finally broke down one to many, and it became easier to call the tow-man and sell it for parts than it was to fix it.  I stayed at home with the kids, and my husband commuted back and forth to work. I am fortunate enough to live in a community where I am in walking distance of a grocery store, fast food restaurants, drug store, gas station, Public Library and a Family Dollar. Does one need to go anywhere else? I even live a few miles from my parents and grandma so a car was available for kids doctors appointments and such.  I also had a wonderful friend with a super big car that fit my kids and hers to car pool to a few play dates.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have landed in such a position with good friends, loving family, and the great sense to pick an awesome location to live in. Now, Noah (my trucker husband) drives a rig, so when he comes home I pick him up from the truck stop for the few days he gets to come home.  This has saved us money on insurance, car payment and gas.  We have been a one-car family for a little over two years and now it is just the way it is. It works for us.

Another way we cut back was cloth diapering. Big life change for Noah, time-consuming for me, great for the environment, and fantastic on our wallets. I wrote an article for Ezine: How Much Money Will I Save Using Reusable Diapers demonstrating the actual dollar amount of how much you are really saving. I eventually ended up making my own cloth diapers after searching the internet for good patterns and good sources for cloth. I found a great recipe for organic baby wash and ended up modifying it for a simpler easier solution and later updated that page. Cloth diapering became a hobby, and my sewing skills increased. Now I have a very large stash that I will donate to the Cloth Diaper Foundation when I am done.  If you are looking to start making your own cloth diapers, Fern and Faerie has great tutorial and patterns. This is Mason sporting my first try at sewing my own diapers using stuff I already had.

Mason in cloth

Recently, I have just started couponing. Seriously way too fun to save money. Now, I am by no means one of the people who buys 10 bottles of Vitamin B because I will get back $.50 a bottle to put towards meat. I don’t use vitamin B, so I don’t buy it. That is just waste to me. However, I will switch to BIC razors because they have a BOGO deal at Publix  at $5.49, and I had a $3 off coupon bringing the credit back to me at $0.51 a pack.  I was crazy enough to print out two coupons from every computer in my house, my moms, and my grandmas.  I also have to say we went to McDonalds and got the coupons from the Sunday paper that they leave when they are done reading it. I got 10 packs of razors for FREE and used the credit to buy bananas and strawberries. Now, I get the Sunday paper delivered to my door for the coupons, All You magazine, and frequent Southern Savers.

What do you do to save money? Please send me an email so I can post it!