Do you love photography but haven’t quite figured out how to get off the auto mode on your camera? As a professional photographer, I still remember when I was scared of working on the Auto Mode on my camera. Manual can be scary when your under pressure to take a good photo. Kristen Duke’s Say NO to Auto book is the perfect book for those willing to learn how to take a great picture instead of just a good picture. Kristen sent me her book to review. I was thrilled that this book came in a small size. Perfect to put into your purse or camera bag. Learning the basics can be hard to remember at first. Having a small book the conveniently travels with you, is just what you need. Say NO to Auto is a 17 page mini book, giving you the learning tools you need to be successful.

Say NO to Auto, by Kristen Duke, teaches you the three basic steps to understanding the manual features on your camera: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed. The beginning of the book gives a glossary of terms for those who are very new to photography. These terms will help you understand the book and get started working on manual.  In the book, Kristen gives lighting, scenery, and number of people examples and that help you identify what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed you should set your camera on. There are also pictures with the information of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed settings listed on the side or below the photo example. These examples are very helpful for readers to understand the manual features and lighting better. To purchase a book like mine, Kristen Duke sells it on her website for $20 including shipping and handling. You can also purchase the e-book for $10. The e-book prints as 4 x 6 pictures.

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