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Scott’s Liquid Gold Screen Cleaning Wipes

Clean Screen for today’s electronics
Got dirty electronics? Do you ever find yourself struggling to clean off all the smudges on your sunglasses? What about those finger prints on your ipods and phones? Have you wondered how to get the dust safely off of your dirty flastcreen? Scott’s Liquid Gold is here to help!  
They have developed a way to clean your valuable electronics safely and effectively. Clean Screen uses reverse osmosis to give you a crystal clear clean. And our Little Clean Screens are portable, on-the-go wipes great for removing fingerprints, make-up, dirt, dust, oily residues and ink off of your delicate surfaces. Gives them a try and you’ll be amazed at how you ever lived without it!
When these screen clean wipes arrived, I was in need.  With two small greasy handed-kids grubbing all over my electronics, they were in need of a good cleaning.  I am always afraid to put cleaners on my gadgety stuff, so I was thrilled to see how safe and effective these wipes and spray was.

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