scrubbing bubblesI HATE cleaning the toilet! I mean who loves it? Not many sane people that is for sure. Good thing Scrubbing Bubbles created a few products to make the process easier! In addition, to their automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, the Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® 2-in-1 toilet cleaner is a wonder. The curved handle on the Fresh Brush allows you to reach under the rim with ease and then you toss in the trash. If you are using a Fresh Brush Max, make sure you do not flush it down the toilet. Then the handle has a storage hook which will enable it to be attached to the side of your tank when you are through. This really makes cleaning the toilet easy without having to deal with a separate bottle of cleaner.

You can purchase a Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-1 toilet cleaner with two types of attachment pads. The first one, as I had mentioned above, can not be flushed in the toilet, but it is great for those tough stains because it has thousands of scrubby fibers. It really did a great job on the toilet for rust and hard water stains, so I am pretty pleased. You can also get the flush-able type that have active fibers that work for days. You can flush the germs right down the toilet and never have to lift it to the trash. It is scented in a citrus scent and eliminates the odors not just masking them. Did I mention you never have to lift the mess out of the toilet! Yay! It is the best idea in my book.