With two boys in the house (my 4 year old son and 33 year old husband), its hard to keep the bathroom as clean as I would like!  I don’t have enough time to clean the toilet every day but like to have a clean toilet bowl.  I want to know that if I have an unexpected guest, that my toilet will be clean and ready to go!  Scrubbing Bubbles is manufactured by SC Johnson, a household name that you can trust for quality products.  Scrubbing Bubbles has created the One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner, the one step solution to keep your toilet fresh and clean.

The One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner installs easily in any toilet.  The base sits on the floor next to toilet and the action sprayer attaches to the side of the toilet.  Once the action sprayer is in place, it stays firmly clipped to the side of the rim of the toilet.  The Toilet Bowl Cleaner comes with a refill that lasts up to 30 days.  The refill can snaps easily in to the base that sits on the floor.  There is a white plastic sleeve that fits over the refill can to make it white so it is not an eye sore.  A quick step on the foot pedal on the base dispenses the cleaner into the bowl.    I love how you can use this product hands -free to prevent germs and bacteria from getting on you!!  The One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner can used up to two times a day to keep your toilet bowl clear and fresh.  The powerful toilet cleaner is formulated to tackle tough toilet rings and limescale buildup!  The angle of the sprayer is designed to even get under the rim of the toilet, to keep the whole toilet clean.  When used as directed, the refill can last up to 30 days!  The Fresh Mountain Morning scent was light and refreshing and made the whole bathroom smells fresh and clean!!

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