The winter can be tough on skin, especially sensitive skin. When the temperature drops, so does our skin’s natural moisture and defence levels. Sensitive skin can easily become irritated and more likely to suffer from red patches, eczema and flare ups. Alkaline skincare is a great way to help combat the harsh effects of winter on your skin. The pH levels of the products you use are vital in the battle against redness, flaking and dry, unhappy skin. Skincare for sensitive skin should stick to a low pH alkaline level of between 1-6. This helps to keep the pH of your skin in balance and prevent unnecessary acidic stripping of the skin’s natural moisture and barriers to bacteria. Without these, you are just waiting for breakouts to happen and once they do, the cycle of using acidic products to fix them can feel never ending and play havoc with your sensitive skin. 

Products from the Sond sensitive skincare range combine the technology to support your skin’s natural regeneration cycle with maximum hydration and radiance. An alkaline skincare routine can transform your skin from dry and stressed to comforted with cells completely balanced and functioning to their best ability. This in turn leads to less cell turn over and less chance of skin becoming itchy or flaky, a common complaint for sensitive skin suffers during the winter months. Organic skincare from Sond will revolutionise the way you see your skincare routine. More than just a beauty product, Sond skincare takes care of your skin cells deep below the epidermis, helping to keep your skin strong and healthy from the inside out. As the top layer of our skin is acidic, it is important to use an alkaline product in order to balance out the pH. Although some alkaline products have been deemed too drying, this is in fact a beauty myth. Yes, this can be true of certain alkaline products, mainly soap. The ingredient in soap that makes it drying however is not its alkaline nature but its emulsifiers. Alkaline skincare products are formulated without emulsifiers and are designed instead to redress the skin’s pH balance directly, removing the dead layer of top skin gently and effectively without stripping or damaging the cells beneath. 

Decided to switch to an alkaline skin based routine? To discover the results for yourself, visit and check out their products and advice for keeping your skin supple, smooth and happy this winter. It can usually take around 28 days to see a significant skin improvement in line with the natural cycle of cell turn over, so why not try it today and enjoy the best skin of your life all year round.