Sensory Friendly Clothing For Kids

Sensory Friendly Clothing For Kids

As a parent of a child with autism, I can only buy sensory friendly clothing for kids, but they are sometimes hard to find.  Many times I have found many pieces of apparel are not as soft as I would like, even after washing them.  In my case, soft clothing isn’t just a preference, it is a necessity.  My son TheHenMan has something called Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD. People who have SPD are highly sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing against their skin.  People with SPD are so sensitive, that tags feel like sandpaper against their skin.  SPD also causes people to be unable to tolerate tight clothing, belts, and seams in socks. It is often difficult to find apparel that is tolerable for people with SPD.  It is great that several companies sell shirts and dresses with stamped tags rather than the old style tags.  The tricky thing is to find pants, undies and socks that don’t have tags.  People with PSD usually can’t even wear socks found in typical stores because the seam at the toes is uncomfortable.  We have spent many a morning with TheHenMan refusing to wear something I just bought and washed.  I don’t even want to think of how much money we have spent on things TheHenMan couldn’t wear.  Due to PSD we have endured crying fits and screaming meltdowns due to non SPD friendly clothes.

Special Needs Clothing Children

I was so happy to find a company that is dedicated to supplying special needs clothing children with cute styles that are affordable. The Soft Clothing company offer a huge selection of apparel for kids with SPD.  This company uses the softest cotton available and each piece is made with flat or no seams.  I gladly accepted Soft Clothing’s offer to review some of their clothes.  I chose a tee shirt and a pair of seamless khaki pants.  I love the that the pants have stamped details like pockets on the back and a fly and belt loops for the pants!  I cannot tell you how nice it is to know that when I buy clothing from this company, I know I will not need to return or give away brand new clothes ever agaon.

You can purchase the Timmy Tee in a variety of colors  for $16.99 and the Soft Classic Chino for $22.00. Soft Clothing  also carries dresses, skirts,  seamless under clothes and lots more.

Thank you to Soft Clothing for offering one lucky winner their choice of a package of undies as well as socks, which together retail over $50.

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