building back linksSince I have started blogging, I have spent more hours in research of how to blog, than actually blogging itself. I have learned and relearned SEO techniques, proper back link techniques and ways to craft a post from the back end (meaning in html and SEO coding)
When I first started, the way I learned to get back links was through several article submissions. I actually wrote a post on my blog, then went to Ezine articles and submitted 10 articles linking back to that post. This is called link-farming. This is old-school SEO building and is now frowned upon by by Google so will not work. Since the Google Panda algorithm update it searches for duplicate content so all of your articles published on and off your blog need to be 100% unique.

Building Back Links For Your Website

Repeating the same article over and over in Google’s eyes is considered spam (cluttering the internet with garbage people do not want to read); and therefore, is now penalizing the sites that use it. So, unless each article written is at least 70% (some people claim 70%, I prefer 100%; Read below to see why) unique the old way for building bak links for your website are outdated and ineffective.
If you want to build good links back to your site, I suggest using the following techniques:
  • White hat spin instead of black hat spinning. You can use a free spinning program like JetSpinner. BUT read what the proper way to “spin” is before doing it. Black hat spinning in a sense is just changing words for other words like it. “The quick, brown fox ran over to the park bench” can be turned to “The fast, tan fox scurried over to the park chair” White hat spinning is changing the whole sentence structure while keeping the same concept or idea and the sentence could be changed to “There is a bench in the park, the lightning-fast fox can be seen scurrying by in a flurry” Same idea-totally different sentence and 100% unique. If you write a completely different article that is 100% unique AND offers some value to the reader linking back to your site, then Google will not penalize you. They want the web content coming up in their search engines to be worthwhile and worth being on page one of their search results. Don’t you as a searcher want good quality passed on to you?
  • Guest posting on other people’s blogs linking back to your blog. Tried and true. Grab an already established audience instead of trying to create your own! Borrow the audience from those you read.
  • Hiring a reputable company to help build links for you. Webris is a digital company which specializes in helping websites become noticed in Google’s eyes.

Jet Spinner says it best:

“Google’s duplicate content filter is removing your article submissions, rendering YOUR backlinks useless! Unless each time you submit your article you use a different title, different summary, different resource box, and different article body!”

Mind you, I am not promoting JetSpinner. I rarely use it except to check my articles to make sure they are 100% different when I might have a doubt, but if you keep your subject interesting and informational – Think would I want to read this? – then you are on the right path.

SEO building the right way takes a TON of time and effort and you can’t just send out duplicate articles to 400 places and expect a positive result. Google is smart these days, and they just updated again on Jan 18th. Don’t believe me?Go Google: link farms, Panda update, white hat spinning, etc. Also check it out! I was listed in the Top SEO Blogs to Watch in 2012.


  1. Very interesting and informative. As a baby blogger, I have a long way to go! It’s this type of info that will help me along. Thanks Jennifer!

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