Sewplicity High Chair Cover

The Sewplicity High Chair Cover has given me to perfect solution to my dingy, dirty high chair!  I received my Chicco Polly highchair as a shower gift from a group of my girlfriends back in 2007 when I was pregnant with my first child.  Since then I have added a daughter to the mix and the high chair is now starting to really show signs of wear and tear.  The padding of the high chair is removable but is not machine washable.  Over the years, I have done my best to try to keep it as clean as possible but it has started to grow some areas of mold on it.  Yes, mold.  Something you definitely don’t want on your child’s high chair.  So this is how I started my search for a cotton, machine washable high chair cover.

Removable High Chair Cover

It was important to me to find a removable high chair cover that was stylish as well as easy to maintain.  I was excited to come across the wide selection of high chair covers that Sewplicity has to offer.  Sewplicity has high chair covers for all the major brands, including Graco, Chicco, Baby Trend and Fisher Price, to name a few.  There are over 40 options for fabrics to fit any decor and personality.  I selected the Mocca pattern for the Chicco Polly high chair.  The Mocca has a large flower pattern with deep reds, yellows, blues and tans and fits my neutral decor perfectly.  I love how the Mocca pattern isn’t gender specific and we can continue to use it with other children we may have in the future.  The high chair cover is made with all natural fibers and are not laminated or treated with any chemicals.  You can appreciate the time and hard work that went into making these covers by looking at the stitching and feeling the texture of the fabrics used.  The cover fits the dimensions of my high chair and straps perfectly!  The high chair cover is such a warm and inviting change from the worn out, old chair cover that we used to have.  I love how the cover is machine washable and can also be spot cleaned between uses.  The high chair cover for the Chicco Polly retails for $50.  You can find the list of prices for other high chair models on the website.

Sewplicity also offers custom bibs and wipes covers, in addition to the high chair covers.  Follow Sewplicity on Facebook to see the latest announcements for pre-made inventory as it is listed.  You can also visit their website to be placed on a waiting list for custom orders that aren’t premade.  Win your choice of a custom made wipes cover or set of bib by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.

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