Sewtamz esty shop is sponsor for Christmas in July and they sent me a great “present” to review. I received the Camera Strap Cover- Tropical Sweet Potato Bloom with Sweet Potato Minky Dot- Rare Fabric, personalized with my initials and a lens holder. I was so excited when this package arrived in the mail. Sewtamz, nicely packaged my Camera Strap making sure nothing would ruin it while it was in route to my house. Sewtamz specializes in making custom camera strap covers, quick release hipster straps, and wrist straps; all made with a fun and unique flare.

The fun and stylish handmade DSLR Camera Strap Cover I received, fit my personality and the environment I love to photograph the most, the beach. The DSLR camera strap cover, tightly fits over my DLSR strap. I attached a safety pin to the bottom of my camera strap and fed it through the strap cover. I loved how securely the cover fit! I then put the strap around my neck and was very impressed at how soft and comfortable the strap felt. The bottom material that touches my skin is the sweet potato minky dot fabric. This material was very soft and padded which made it feel extra comfortable. The Tropical Sweet Potato Boom fabric is the top part of the strap cover. This fabric had a tropical theme with the main color being turquoise. Shades of coral and yellow flowers created the tropical feel. SewTamz also added a personalized strap cover that holds my lens. I loved how this strap was fashionable and comfortable! The DSLR Camera Strap Cover also is machine washable. Something I very much appreciate after spending time in the hot Florida sun.The total length of this strap is 26”. To purchase a strap cover like mine without lens cover and personlization, it is reasonably priced at $26.99. I feel this strap cover is a must have! Order any strap and receive free shipping with this code, MSFREESHIP

Sewtamz esty shop is a great shop that makes your camera feel more “you”. This shop has so many fun fabrics. Everything in this store is made with quality and care! I strongly recommend this shop for great gifts for yourself or the ones you love.

Sewtamz is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and their blog, and check out their website: Sewtamz to win a $35 gift card as part of the final package!