Free Love Costume

With Halloween around the corner, the search is on. It is my very favorite holiday, and I love to go all out. This year I was looking for something special for my husband because with me not seeing him very often (he is an over-the-road trucker), I love our *special time* to be just that, special.

This is my Halloween costume, from Sexy Costume Discounters, this year, except I will have black boots. Totally cute huh? I expected for it to be like those flimsy pajama-like costumes that last barley through the night, but this Sexy Free Love Costume is really well made.  If I was daring enough, I could even go clubbing! If the Flower Girl thing is not up your alley, you can check out their variety of sexy 60s costumes.  They have all different styles and sizes, including stuff for men and kids too! Not sexy!!

I find with my kids, dressing up is a fun activity that they like to do year round. So if you are wanting to have a fun play time, get a few costumes and play dress ups. That is what we do at my house. At least once a week, we drag out all of our past costumes and play pretend. Who says dress ups are just for girls? It is a great way to spur the imagination! Get creative…get costumes. You can find Costume Super Center on Facebook and Twitter!