Shatobu Toning Shapewear

Shatobu Toning Shapewear is the perfect shapewear for me!  I am always looking to increase my activity level and add toning and exercise where I can.  Diet and exercise sometimes aren’t enough and I want something to supplement my activity when I can’t get to the gym.  I work as a nurse so I’m on my feet 12 hour shifts at a time.  The Shatobu Shapewear is a great way to get a workout just by wearing them!

Women’s Shapewear Tights

There are many women’s shapewear tights on the market these days that promise to slim you and create a smooth look under clothing but not many offer a “workout that you wear”.  Shatobu created slimming shapers designed to shape, tone and burn as you wear them.  The Shatobu line of shapewear are designed with muscle toning resistance bands built right into the material.  The resistance bands are designed to help muscles work a bit harder than normal and will increase the amount of calories burned throughout the day.  Studies done through the University of Virginia show that women wearing Shatobu burn more calories during normal activities such as walking or climbing, than those that didn’t wear them!  The Shatobu is designed with moisture wicking Nylon and Lyrica and a “CoolMax gussett” to keep you comfortable while wearing them, which is very important to me since I live it Florida!

Women’s Shaping Apparel

I have several women’s shaping apparel items that I have tried over the years collecting dust in my closet!  I tried the High Waist Shatobu Get Fit Tight at work this week during my 12 hour shifts as a nurse.  I had two busy days of work with lots of running back and forth all day.  After the two days at work that I spent wearing them, I noticed that my legs felt noticeably more fatigued by the end of the day when I got home.  They were very tight and fitted but easy to get on and off.  They didn’t bunch up or roll under my clothing, even with movement.  The high waisted tights gave me some extra need support in my abdominal area, which I liked!  I wasn’t measuring my calories burned while wearing them but I definitely could tell that my thigh, butt and calves were more tired at the end of the day.  I will continue to wear these to work, not only for the support and slimming aspect they offer, but also for the added bonus of toning!  The Get Fit Tight retails for $38.00.

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