I’m pretty picky when it comes to choosing perfumes. I have been wearing the same two brands for the last four years. I know, that’s a bit ridicules. But once I find something I like, it’s hard for me to switch it up. I was very excited when approached by Rite Aid for the review of Heidi Klum’s new perfume “Shine”. I figured Heidi Klum is such a glamourous fashion icon that she would only put her name on something that was truly great! I was right, “Shine” by Heidi Klum is a fabulous smelling perfume that now sits proudly on my vanity.

When it comes to perfumes, I don’t really care for a perfume that smells like food such as fruit. I’m more of an exotic but not old lady perfume type of gal. Shine nailed my preferences right on the head. It has a nice exotic smell but definitely not old-lady over-baring smell. It is strong feminine smell but not strong enough to knock the person standing next to out of their shoes. I always try to be cautious and considerate when choosing a perfume. As a photographer, I’m around pregnant women often. These women, as I did, have the keen scent of a canine. I would hate for that smell to be one of “those smells” that makes them feel ill. I’m also around a lot of babies. Babies can get overly stimulated by too strong of a smell. Making them cranky and hard to work with. I don’t want to upsets these little ones or any mama in waiting.

Heidi Klum designed Shine to accent a women’s natural beauty. It really does makes me feel more feminine and beautiful. Visit your local Rite Aid to pick up your own bottle of Heidi Klums “Shine” and don’t forget to check out Rite Aid’s facebook for exclusive deals.