Shoes For Women

I have had back issues since I was a mere babe of 20. I woke up one morning and was unable to move. I went to the doctor and ended up in a back brace for almost a year. Ever since, I have had issues off and on for the last 30 years. It is so frustrating because it affects literally every aspect of your life. I am not always able to play with my kids or do simple activities like doing the laundry or vacuuming the house. It also has dictated my sense of style and fashion. I have been unable to wear heels for about 10 years now and oh how I miss them! I have been unable to find shoes for women which offer comfort while still being stylish. Usually I can find shoes that are either comfortable in the toe, but not the heel or vice versa. If you can relate, here are a few tips to help you find shoes even if you have a bad back, knees or other ailments.

Women's Shoes? Comfort Over Style?

Women’s Shoes: Comfort Over Style?

  • The Heel: Look for a chunky heel which lends stability while giving you the height you desire.
  • The Toes: A boxed to is just plain ugly, while a pointed toe is just plain painful. Look for a toe which is like a rounded box, if that makes sense? A wider toe is a must to avoid damage to your feet later.
  • The Style: A very pretty flat is much more enjoyable to wear than a pair of 6″ pumps. The flats also look more appealing to onlookers when you are walking confidently instead of limping off into the sunset.
  • The Sole: Many shoes are made with a cushioned insole to give the wearer a more comfortable shoe. With foot friendly brands like the shoes from Earth Brands, women do not need to sacrifice style over comfort.


When it comes to footwear, I want a high quality shoe that feels as good as it looks without breaking the bank. I have had the toughest time finding cute shoes that do not kill my back after wearing them for an hour. When I was in nursing school, I came across a brand of shoes I could wear while on my clinical rounds at the hospital. They were cute and comfortable and were totally affordable and they were from Earth Footwear. This fashion forward company has your comfort in mind when designing their footwear. They are made for real women who have real jobs who are on the feet, travel a lot or are always on the go. For more than 40 years, this company has been a front runner in the design and development of health and wellness-oriented footwear. They offer a wide selection of shoes for the fashionista who is also financially savvy from name brands like Kalsø Earth® Shoes, Earth® Footwear, Earth Origins® and Earthies®.

I was sent the Wanderlust shoe from the Fall/Winter 2014 Earth Collection from Earth Footwear. They represent exactly what the definition of wanderlust is: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. And with these great looking shoes, you can do just that. They have the classic look of a Mary Jane but has a unique peekaboo t-strap to give it an updated look. They have a gorgeous burnished leather upper with a cushioned arch support for all day comfort. I mean, seriously, these shoes are so comfortable, it is like wearing my favorite pair of slippers! The Earth Footwear shoes have a padded heel area to displace shock, a reinforced arch support to stabilize your foot and a multi-density latex cushioning layer for extra support.In addition to these amazingly comfortable and beautiful shoes, the Earth Brands Fall/Winter 2014 Earth Collection has flats, boots, and heels starting at $85 and ranging up to $200 and offers free shipping and returns. You can find most of the shoes in the $100 range, so they are priced to fit virtually ever budget. At this price, you can make every day and Earth Footwear day! Be sure to follow Earth Brands on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and sign up for their newsletter to stay current with their latest products and deals.

What so you look for when shopping for shoes? Style or comfort?