Heelys Shoes With Wheels

Shoes With Wheels For Kids

Have you seen shoes with wheels for kids?  I am sure many of you have, but I am about two steps behind the times, so I was not familiar with them.  These things are one of the coolest kid’s products I have ever seen.  What a clever concept to put a wheel in the heel and watch your kids go!  I think it is brilliant to put a completely new spin on a die-hard product like sneakers.  I get tickled when I think about the choices I had as a kid and what is available today. (and yes, I walked 20 miles uphill in the snow to school!!).  I mean seriously!  We had Keds, Nike, Puma and Swiss K tennis shoes.  Now there are more styles than you can shake a stick at and boy do they cost and arm and a leg!  What I find extremely frustrating is that it seems the more expensive the shoe, the lower the quality.  Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?

Roger Adams, the creator of Heelys has been an avid skate fan since he was 9.  Fast forward to adulthood and Adams comes up with the revolutionary idea to combine skates with sneakers.  Heelys has quite a following and among them are veteran Heelys fans.  These extreme athletes are able to perform complex moves that would give skateboarders a run for their money!  Since becoming a product reviewer, I have had the honor to represent many companies who have a heart for giving back to their employees, community and countries worldwide.  Heelys has one of the most noble work place policies I have come across.   The Heelys Company has built their company with an ethical foundation with which they expect anyone connected with the company to uphold. In order to ensure these standards are upheld, a hotline has been made available to help keep these standards in place.  If you see anyone who represents the Heelys Company not upholding these standards, you can use the confidential hotline to voice your concerns.

Sneakers with Wheels

Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Exercise

When you have children, I am sure you are always on the lookout for fun ways to get your kids to exercise.  In the age of technology, it is really tricky to get my kids out of the house!  If I let them, my kids would stay glued to their 2,000” TV’s playing their ridiculously expensive video games on their ridiculously expense video game systems.  These children of mine need to get outside and burn some stink off!  I was more than excited to review a pair of Heelys for one of the kids.   The Heelys Company was so generous for sending both kids a pair of Heelys.  The huge smiles on my babies faces took my breath away and put a lump in my throat!  Henry chose the awesome  Edge for boys in red (retail value $54.99) which are by far the BEST shoes he has ever owned!  (If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the picture at the top of this review is worth a million!!)  Caitlin chose the cute Chazz in purple (retail value $29.99)  and she has worn them every day since they arrived.  I LOVE Heelys and will be a faithful follower forevermore.  These shoes are incredibly well constructed and it is so easy it is to put the wheels in and take out!  Thank you Heelys for giving my family the honor of owning the most versatile, stylish, fun and cool shoes that has brought so much joy to my children.