Bridal Party Gifts

I remember when I was getting married, one of the more difficult things we had to decide on was the bridal party gifts.  We both wanted to get gifts for the people who were standing up for us that would be both meaningful and useful, plus we wanted to get something that would be of good quality.  This is not always the easiest task to accomplish.  I ended up getting Swarovski Crystal bracelets for the bride’s maids.  They matched the dresses too so they were multi-functional.  My husband got each of the groomsmen cuff links with something on them that meant something to the actual guy. For instance, for one of the guys we got cuff links with golf clubs on them and for another one we got the little medical symbol on them (he was in the medical profession).  Again the guys got to wear these for the wedding and they would be useful to them for other formal occasions.

Useful Groomsmen Gifts

I think finding groomsmen gifts were way more difficult then shopping for the bride’s maids.  I have come across some useful groomsmen gifts, such as: money clips, pocket knifes, pocket watches, and quality personalized bottle openers.  I think these things are great, but it is so hard to buy things for people and really know what they will and will not use.  My husband has a Swiss Army Knife and I am surprised at how frequently it comes in handy.

Although I felt what we purchased was useful, I know my husband has never had a need to use his cufflinks again!  As far as the bracelets for the girls, I have not heard anything specifically about them from anyone but my sister.  She recently told me that hers broke, she went to put it on and the band broke.  It is 10 years old now and I think she did wear it rather frequently, so at least she was able to get some good use from it.

At this point, we will not have to worry about weddings for some time.  Our friends are now a bit older and married with children.  I think the next time we will think “wedding” is when our friends kids start getting married.  Now that makes me feel old to start think of the kids getting married!