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Short and Sweet And To The Point – Week 12 #NSNation

Short and Sweet And To The Point – Week 12

Here I am on week 12 of my Nutrisystem program and I can’t believe how the time has flown.  I actually gained 2 pounds this week and I am not surprised.  My family had strep for almost 10 days and all I can say is “Thanks Sonic for those cold and throat numbing shakes and slushies”.  If we weren’t drinking our calories, we were getting them in mashed potatoes and applesauce!  Not exactly program food huh?!  I am not beating myself up because this was unordinary circumstances, so I am ok with the gain.  I am still down 11 pounds overall, which I am very happy with.  I want to share with you about breakfast.  I am not a breakfast person but I know to be successful on my plan, I need to eat three meals and one snack.   My favorite breakfast food right now is the peanut butter breakfast bar..short, sweet and to the point!! This little bar packs a real punch!  I usually have that with my morning protein shake and my fruit for the morning.  This is a breakfast I can eat at home or on the way to school and it keeps me satisfied until lunch.  I can totally see the point of eating breakfast for two reasons. One is that I am getting my metabolism started by eating a balanced breakfast.  If I skip breakfast, I am so hungry by lunch that I am liable to eat more than I need to.  My Nutrisystem meal plan starts my day off right and I love it!!

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