Our dog is part of our family. They are treated as well as my children, heck sometimes they’re probably treated better. I know they behave better most of the time. They sometimes they like to share the bed and the couch, sometimes they don’t want to share and have to be gently removed,  and often try to join my daughter in the bathtub. They think they are members of the family and they are. I know I want to keep my children healthy so they can live long full lives with the rest of their family. All of my children, even the furry four legged ones.I have three very easy habits to develop that will keep your dogs healthy for the long run which will contribute to the health and happiness of the whole family.


3 Habits for Happy Healthy Dogs

  1. Exercise: The concept of staying healthy through exercise applies to both man and beast. If you not moving then your are slowing down faster than usual. Get out there and walk your whole family. everybody will benefit from it and give you a little slice of the quality family time that’s so hard to come by these days.
  2. Cleanliness: Think about how you feel after not getting a bath for week. Your skin itches your hair is all oily and nasty. You wouldn’t put yourself through this on a regular basis, so why would you do it to your dog. You wouldn’t.  Regular baths  let you get a once over on your pal to make sure all is right and it also helps prevent against skin diseases and infections.
  3. Diet: Now I ask you, Do you like to make delicious meals for your kids that give them a lot of variety of things they enjoy or do you just give them the same thing 2-3 times a day without really knowing what you are giving them? Yeah, I wouldn’t either. So why would we do that to our fury four legged children. If you Know your dog, then you know what they like. Just Right by Purina now lets you combine your personal knowledge of your dog with the nutritional expertise of Purina into a meal your dog is sure to love.

Ditas Blend

So this seems like a great idea considering all the inferior brands that are out there that are really just doing more harm to four legged love ones. I couldn’t wait t give it a shot. My dogs digestive system will tell you pretty quickly that something is not agreeing with her. Even though she’ll eat just about anything, you can tell when she likes something, as it will be gone shortly after I put it out. If she doesn’t like it she just nibbles when she’d really hungry. So knowing that my youngest really likes food with lamb as the main protein, I ordered that with no grains or soy, because she get bad gas from food with either of those in them. The process for getting your custom food is easy. By answer a few simple questions about your dog and then making your selections of protein Purina will formulate a food that is Just Right For your dog. They even give you a custom label with your dogs name and picture on it and ship right to your house with free shipping. They even have an auto replenishment option so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to order more.

In what ways do you treat your dogs like they’re one the kids?