Show Mom You Love Her With Helzberg Diamonds

Being a mom is a full time job and one that goes without much fan fare from day to day. It has been said many times over that motherhood is one job that does not have a paycheck. If you worked this hard at any other job, you would probably quit if you were not paid on a regular basis. As moms, our “payment” is remitted in hugs, kisses, “I love You’s” and hand made art. On Mother’s Day, we are able to show mom how much we love and appreciate her hard work. Some of the most popular gifts for mom on her special day (besides those hand prints turned into flowers made at school) are flowers, food and jewelry. One of the most popular stores to buy mom beautiful jewelry is the iconic Helzberg Diamonds. This company, who has been a giant in the industry for decades, has anything and everything a woman could dream of.

Show Mom You Love Her

The people at Helzberg Diamonds believe mom should be honored much more than just once a year. They think the ever lasting and unconditional love your mom has given you deserves to be recognized every day, not annually. With the new jewelry line, INFINITY X INFINITY, you can show mom you love her with one of the breathtaking pieces from the collection. The name of the line was inspired from the wildly popular television show, Revenge, in which the lead character, Emily Thorne and her father say to one another,  “I love you infinity times infinity.”

Using the double infinity symbol, award winning jewelry designer, Udi Behr has create pieces that symbolize infinite love, as the name of the collection indicates. The line includes gorgeous bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings, that range in price from $49.99 to $1,299.00, so there is absolutely something for every women to fit into every budget. Each piece is truly spectacular and will easily show mom how much you care, which she will think of each time she wears it. You can see into the collection by watching this special video on the subject. Want to know more? Sign-up for Helzberg emails to receive exclusive deals and offers. you can also have free shipping with code: FREESHIP25 from April 1 through Mother’s Day.


  1. I have a princess cut diamond engagement ring and the same cut earrings are beautiful.

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