Shutterfly’s 2011 Holidays Cards

I was so excited to be chosen to take part in Shutterfly’s 2011 Holiday Cards promotion this year.  I LOVE Shutterfly and its always one of the first places I check out for quality Holiday cards each year.  Sending out a holiday card is every important to me.  Life gets busy with work, two kids and a husband.  Unfortunately, sometimes the holidays are that one time of year to reconnect with friends and family that you haven’t been able to keep in touch with all year.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is sending out a card with our family photo on it.  I also love getting cards back from friends and family and seeing pictures of everyones families, as well as hearing whats new in people lives!  There is something magical about Christmas time.  No matter what happens during the year, everyone always finds a way of reconnecting through cards and photos!

Holiday Photo Cards

Its always a big decision for me which holiday photo cards I am going to chose to send out each year.  This year, Shutterfly made me decision easy!  Although I searched through hundreds of choices of holiday cards, I fell in love with the Pretty Pattern 4×8 card as soon as I saw it!!  I like my cards to be unique and bright but still showcase our family picture well!  The Pretty Pattern Christmas card did just that.  The reds and greens of the pattern make the card bright and festive, while still being sophisticated and unique!  When I first start looking for Christmas cards, I immediately look at the multi picture options, only to find myself overhwelmed with having to chose more than one picture for the card.  The Pretty Pattern 4×8 card has room for one large picture!  There is a large area to the right of the picture where you can enter text to personalize your greeting.  The Pretty Pattern 4×8 card retails for $1.11/card depending on the number of cards purchased.  I cannot wait to mail these beautiful cards out to friends and family for the holidays!

Check out Shutterfly for an amazing selection of high quality, afforable Holiday cards!!  And don’t forget to order your thank you cards at the same time!!  Follow Shutterfly on Facebook for the latest product information!!

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