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Rock N Learn Sight Words DVD

My daughter Isabella (4), is in preschool learning her letters and is in the beginning stages of learning to read.  I was given the opportunity to review the Rock N Learn Sight Words DVD.  It was perfect timing because her teacher had send home a note that they were learning sight words.  She attends a hybrid school so she is in school a portion of the week and then is home schooled for the remainder of the week.  The parents and teachers work in partnership with each other so as part of our home school lessons I added the DVD into our lesson plan.

Learning DVDs for Kids

I have purchased several learning DVDs for kids and when I put this DVD on, I was instantly impressed.  It was very entertaining and immediately got her attention.  She loves music so this was a great way to convey the message and have fun dancing all while learning her sight words.  The DVD was very easy to follow and repeated the words several times.  The characters were great and the way the words were presented will help with reading comprehension. The songs were a big hit.  My younger daughter (15 months) was in the living room with us and was dancing along to the beat and thoroughly enjoying herself as well. When I ask my daughter her favorite part she said “I love the songs”.  It’s so important to engage children in learning and this DVD was fantastic.  We were all able to participate together learning, laughing and dancing.  We have watched the DVD several times and she is picking up tons of new sight words.  I was blown away at how many words she could recognize and just how much she learned.  Her teacher sent home a note saying that she was doing great with her sight words and thanked me for working with her.  It was a welcomed change to our home school lessons and we both enjoyed getting to watch the DVD and interact in a different way than the normal.  Rock N Learn carries a whole line of learning DVDs, CDs and books ranging from preschool through high school.  They cover early childhood, language arts, math, social studies and science.  You can purchase this DVD for $19.99.  Check them out on Facebook for their latest release!

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