silk milk nutrition facts

Silk Milk Nutrition Facts

Have you tried Silk Milk in your cereal? Not only does it taste good, it’s good for you. Check out these silk milk nutrition facts. Compared to dairy milk, Silk Milk contains 50% more calcium per serving. My family has sensitivities to dairy, so I have to keep our kitchen pantry stocked with dairy-free alternatives. I think it’s really important to find delicious and nutritious dairy-free products that my children will eat and drink without a fuss. This is not always an easy task, but fortunately finding a dairy-free milk is never a problem thanks to Silk Milk.   Silk milk comes in three types: Soy, Coconut and Almond with 17 different varieties available. It’s also easy to find most grocery stores and saves me a trip to a specialty health food store. We’ve tried and liked all three types and enjoy having a large selection to choose from. We use Silk milks in our cereal, to cook with and to drink.   The almond milk varieties are the favorite in my household.  The vanilla flavor is so creamy and smooth and makes any breakfast cereal taste more like a dessert.  I’ve been known to start and end each day with a bowl of cereal filled with Silk Milk. As part of the Silk Cereal Bowl Campaign, I received Silk products to review. This cereal bowl is wonderful! The bowl is insulated, has storage areas for the milk and cereal and the bowl comes with a spoon. This cereal bowl makes it easy for me to pack a breakfast on the days I am rushing my children out the door and into the car to get to school. Before having the Silk cereal bowl, sometimes I’ve had to skip my breakfast because I didn’t have enough time before school drop-off. Now I can take breakfast with me and eat it once the kids are dropped off at school. So convenient and this has saved me from resorting to less nutritious breakfast choices or going hungry until lunch.

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