Simple Acts Of Kindness

Now that kids are heading back to school, we are preparing them to get back into their school routines. A few weeks before school starts, we get the kids to get to bed on time, brush their teeth, take their baths and get their clothes ready for the next day. We rush out and buy their school supplies, uniforms or clothing and accessories like backpacks and lunch boxes. One area we may not be thinking about but should, is how we treat others. Sadly, bullying is prevalent in our schools and we need to focus kids on being kind to one another. Teaching kids about this is actually quite easy if you follow these  steps:

5 Ways Kids Can Show Kindness To Others pin

5 Ways Kids Can Show Kindness To Others

  1. Cards And Flowers: You can take cards and flowers to the local hospital or retirement facility and the staff will gladly distribute them for you.
  2. Lend A Helping Hand: If you see someone who is struggling with their groceries or a smaller child trying to climb some steps or cross the street, lend them a hand!
  3. Give Up Your Place or Seat: If you are on a bus or the subway and you see an elderly or pregnant person, give them your seat and stand instead. If you are in line at the store and see someone with just 1-2 items in their hands, let them go in front of you.
  4. Hold Open A Door: The days of gallantry are long gone, but if you hold open a door for someone, they will be very appreciative.
  5. Donate Toys: Let your kids to go through their toys and video games and donate them to a women and children’s shelter.


While you are teaching the kids about kindness through simple acts of kindness, you can also watch shows with the same message. Currently on Netflix, there are several programs which teach or have the theme of being kind to others. When used properly, television programming can be a great teaching tool, so letting the kids watch certain shows can be a great idea. Many of life’s lessons are learned through unusual sources like the TV or social media. Even when we see something bad, we can turn that around into a lesson for the kids to learn from. For instance, the Netflix original program Derek has a mantra of acceptance, no matter the age or level of ability. If truth be told, teaching the values of kindness and acceptance are just as important as any academic learning.

For the younger kids in the family, Netflix has some great shows which teach kindness like Arthur, My Little Pony and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. These shows have relateable characters the young kids can connect with. The themes can show them hoe to be accepting, loving and kind to others. For the older kids, you can get the same messages from shows like Glee, Rudy and Radio. Netflix is easy to stream and for less than $10 a month, it is affordable for virtually every budget. You can stream Netflix through your TV, tablet, smartphone, gaming system or computer for less then $10 a month! and you can watch it while you are anywhere, including the carpool lane, at the doctors office or while relaxing at home. Be sure to follow Netflix on Twitter.

How do you teach your kids to be kind to others?