Simple W­ays To Feel Beautiful
I have decided to stop being so body conscious and find simple ways to feel beautiful.  I have worried about how I look for so long that I don’t remember what it feels like to be comfortable in my own skin.  I decided instead of making my obligatory New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get back to exercising, I decided to change it up a bit.  I decided to work on feeling good about ME and not how I look to myself or others.  At 50, I have finally made the commitment to stop being so focused on how I look on the outside and work on the inside instead.  I was surfing the web for some inspiration and I find a ton of great suggestions on feeling beautiful on the inside, which to me is most important.   Here are just a few of the many I found:

Simple W­ays To Feel Beautiful

Compliment Someone: Tell someone how much you appreciate them and tell them why.  Let’s say you are at the grocery store on Christmas Eve.  Tell the employees you appreciate their service.  You will be virtually guaranteed to get a huge smile every time!  Instead of just saying “I love you” to someone, tell them why!  I bet they would love to know!

  • Give To Others: There are many more ways to offer to help others that are not monetary.  Offer to mow your elderly neighbor’s grass or give a night of babysitting to a friend who needs a break.  Small gestures go a long way.
  • Look Around: There is so much beauty in the world for you to enjoy.  Just look around…it is everywhere!
  • Listen: Instead of nodding your head and half listening to a conversation, make eye contact and be an active listener.
  • Treat Yourself As You Want To Be Treated: We are often so hard on ourselves. Cut yourself some slack!  Point out your good qualities to yourself rather than dwelling on the negative.
  • Embrace Yourself For Who You Are: Instead of trying to be the person you think others want you to be, embrace the person you already are.  Instead of focusing on how you think you look to others, trust how others see you.  My husband tells me quite often how beautiful I am and how attracted to me he still is after more than 15 years.  I always say no, he couldn’t feel like that when I can’t feel beautiful, but by doing that, I am taking away his pleasure in loving and accepting me!  It is his constant praise that I have decided to be kind to myself about my body and dress accordingly.  I found Hips and Curves, a plus size lingerie store that has the most beautiful items for women and I realized they made them for me! Of course not me specifically but you know what I mean, right?!

Lingerie For Plus Size Women

Lingerie For Plus Size Women

Until I found the gorgeous lingerie for plus size women from Hips and Curves, I never considered wearing anything like that.  Yes, when I was younger and about 100 pounds (no, really, 100 pounds) lighter, I wore lingerie a lot, but after gaining so much weight, I stopped completely.  When I was looking through the vast inventory from Hips and Curves, I realized just how much I missed wearing lingerie!  When I read this statement in their About Me section, I knew I was in loving hands:  “We believe your gorgeous curves are made to be flaunted, caressed, adored – and adorned – in the latest and greatest plus size lingerie styles” and who am I to argue, right?!  Hips and Curves debuted in Southern California in 2000 and has been selling delicate, sexy, sometimes racy and always gorgeous lingerie ever since!  You can choose from bridal wear, corsets, fishnets, bras, panties and just about everything in between.  I decided to just dip my toes in the proverbial waters for my first foray into the world of lingerie and chose the demure but still sexy white Edwardian Cotton & Lace Chemise ($39.95) and the Savoir Faire Lace Bralette ($21.95), which is the most delicate and lacy bra I have very owned.  Without divulging too many details, suffice it to say my husband very much appreciated my choices!  If you are ready to embrace your curvaceous and sexy self and adorn yourself in well-deserved luxury, be sure to visit Hips and Curves…you and your sweetie will be very glad you did!!


One reader will win a $50 GC to be used at Hips and Curves.

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  1. I really like the Pinstripe Garter Slip with Heart Back! I know all about not being able to find sexy lingerie, bras, panties and sleepwear that fits my body type… it’s certainly not easy. Looking around this site, I’ve found so many great things!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

    Shannon M

  2. While I typically would not shop in a plus size clothing store I would however fit right in with this store since I am heavily endowed and have a hard time finding sexy bras and lingerie that fits my chest. My favorite product is the Parisa Fe Body Veil Plunge Bra.

  3. OMG! Can you please tell me what is going on here? I have spent literally hours entering all of your contests and now I come back tonight and it is like I have never entered and am prompted to start from the beginning! Please get back to me. I am shocked and am in disbelief. All of the time and effort to enter these giveaways and it’s all for nothing?

  4. This post sounds exactly what I’m going through right now, even down to the 100 pounds. Thank you for this giveaway! I love the Soft & Comfy Lace Trim Chemise

  5. Wow…Feel like a women ,,,,so very pretty,,,just love to see the plus size bras,,,but all of it is so nice,,How can i pick just one,,,,

  6. Wow…Feel like a women ,,,,so very pretty,,,just love to see the plus size bras,,,but all of it is so nice,,How can i pick just one,,,,

  7. i h ave to wear sport bra because of the surgery i had on my shoulder if i could find a bra that would not dig in to my shoulder it would be great

  8. I’m a sucker for corsets, and haven’t had the time to make a new one, soooooo:

  9. La Strisca Steel Boned Underbust Corset is def my fav!! For corsets anyways! I also LOVE Garter Tank with Lace Up Back. Very Sexy lol

  10. I really like the Lace Contrast Soft & Sexy Boyshort and the Set of 3 Allover Lace Cheeky Boyshorts Gift Box.
    Ashley A

  11. So true … looking around is key – did you ever see the movie “Love Actually”?? Sort of the same concept. BTW, been cleaning up my “subscriptions” and came by to see if you were still up and running – glad you are!! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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