Simply Divine

Simply Divine by Joann is just that, “simply divine”. Joann, the owner and creator, sent me a 12×18 Decorative Pillow Cover in a chocolate color with orange and cream accents. She not only has beautifully constructed pillows covers but also bags, draperies, party favors, and much more.

A few months ago, I finished a sewing project of making three decorative pillows for my living room. I did the standard pillow sew that they teach in junior high home-ec . This was not that sort of a pillow cover. This pillow had an envelope enclosure and every stitch was stitched for quality. The material used is a thicker cotton material that ensures me this pillow will last. I was very impressed with the making of this cover.

Simply Divine has a nice assortment of modern styled pillows, and I was thrilled when they sent me one for review and giveaway. They remind me of something I would find in a pottery barn catalog. The pillow that was sent to me is beautiful chocolate color accented by shades of orange and ivory floral. My theme in my dining room is pretty modern and I thought this pillow would be suited best as a back pillow on one of my bar stool chairs. My children seem to spend a lot of time eating so I thought this would be nice “bonus” for me.


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