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Simply RightAs a new mom, there are so many things you want to do correctly for your baby that it can be overwhelming.  For me, although I had 3 children, it seemed there was a new set of hurdles to jump over with the birth of each one.  The one thing you can be assured of with an infant in the house is you will get a ton of advice, whether you ask for it or not!  One of my favorite times with my babies was the closeness and quiet times spent feeding them.  Even with the lack of sleep, this was such a sweet time for me.  What is your favorite time of the day with your baby?  One of the most important decisions you will make is what to feed your precious bundle of joy.  If you are able to breast feed, your decision is made for you, but if you are unable to breast feed, it’s not.  I was unable to breast feed my youngest and I was so confused about which formula was right for him.  I was given samples of Similac when I left the hospital and I continued using that brand but it was so expensive. We were spending more than $200 a month, but it seemed the baby wasn’t doing as well on it as he should have.  We tried a handful of formulas our doctor suggested that were more expensive than the Similac. Had Simply Right Infant Formula been available back then, we would have had a better product and saved a lot of worry and money.

If you have ever shopped at Sam’s Club, you know they offer their own brands that are as good, and often better than the national brand. Simply Right Infant Formula is the Sam’s Club brand of formula for your infant that not only meets the FDA standards but exceeds them.  When you buy Simply Right Infant Formula, you are feeding your baby the balanced nutrition they need to grow and develop normally Research has shown baby formula that has the FDA approved DHA and ARA, may support the vitally important brain and eye development of your baby.  Simply Right Infant Formula is a trusted brand among parents who shop at their local Sam’s Club or at because when their formula is compared against the National brands like Enfamil and Similac, Simply Right has the same nutrients as the name brands at a fraction of the cost of those brands.  With the easy zip opening and innovative scoop holder and leveler, Simply Right makes mixing formula much easier than the leading brands.

Simply Right comes in Complete, Gentle and Sensitivity formulas for your baby.  All of the formulas include the Omega and Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals your baby needs for their development as well as nutrients that will support and boost your baby’s immune system.  The Complete formula is a milk based formula that can be compared to Enfamil® Premium™ Infant & Similac® Advance®.  The Simply Right Gentle formula includes partially broken down whey protein, which is perfect for babies who are fussy and gassy.  This formula can be compared to Enfamil® Gentlease®.  For your baby who needs a low lactose formula, the Simply Right Sensitivity formula is what they need for their sensitive tummy and can be compared to Similac Sensitive®.  To give you an idea of the incredible savings when buying Simply Right, here are some figures you will be interested in.  The Simply Right formula comes in the 48 oz. can, which yields 89 bottles 4 oz. In size and sells for $20.98 per can.  When you compare this price to the $29.98 Similac Advance Early Shield charges for their 34 oz. can, you will save $46.55 monthly which adds up to $558.55 in savings per year.  The 49 oz. can of Enfamil Premium formula sells for $39.98, which when compared to the Simply Right cost of $29.98, which makes the Enfamil $40.02 more per month and $480.22 more per year.  What could you do with an extra $500 per year?  I think the numbers speak volumes about which brand is by far the best choice for your baby.

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