Jakobi Sneezing
I live right across the street from CVS, thankfully, so I work with them often. This post is facilitated by provided by CVS, but I have shopped there for years before I ever became a blogger. My boys are 6 and 4 which are the germy age! They go to school with kids who have their dirty, sticky, germy hands in their mouth all day and then they like to share! YUCK! I mean sharing is good, so who am I to say yuck? YUCK YUCK YUCK! My boys not only get sick, then they have ALLERGIES too! Florida is so awesome! I mean really! Sun and allergies! I will take the latter to live near the first though.

CVS allergy

So…TRUE STORY! My KIDS HATE TAKING MEDS so I have to get creative to relieve their symptoms! These are the ways I use to help them & the products I use. Of course I get them all from CVS! Many of them are CVS brand because the CVS Brand Healthcare products and OTC medications cost up to 30% less than national brand alternatives, but are still made with the same active ingredients and are regulated under the same strict FDA guidelines as national brand alternatives.

I alternate through the list below depending on their moods and which kid is suffering at the time! I use these treatments for almost all of their colds. The symptoms are the same whether it be allergies or a cold, so the products work just as well no matter the cause.

Relieve Allergy Symptoms

6 ways to relieve kids allergy symptoms in the Spring

  1. Take A Liquid: My youngest, Mason, prefers to have cherry liquid flavor everything! So the CVS Allergy Liquid, cherry flavored is best for him.
  2. Go Dye-free: If you have a child like my other son, Jakobi, who is sensitive to everything including the air we breathe, DYE FREE is the way to go! The CVS Dye Free Children’s Allergy Medication is what we use for him.
  3. In The Shower: I remember my mom throwing me in the shower when I was not able to breathe due to congestion. The CVS shower reliever effervescent vapor tablets are like that treatment only updated and better! It is totally cool! What kid would not love to be in a vapor shower! I want one!
  4. Use The Vapor: Jakobi has a hard time breathing at night when he gets all congested so we have a night light we got from CVS made by Vicks. It has Vicks scent pads inserts that go into it and they release a vapor at night. I love the smell and a little tiny disks works for the whole room all night long. When the boys get really sick, this really helps them.
  5. Go Chewable With A Tablet: Sometimes Jakobi gets in a snit and gets tired of drinking meds. I would too if I had to do it every day! I like to give him a few options and the chewable tablets are a perfect reprise. His favorite are the CVS grape chewable allergy
  6. Good Ol’ StandBy! Tissues:  Every household needs tissues! We have them in almost every room of the house.  Jakobi really likes the CVS individual tissue packs to take with him to school. He likes them so much, I can even bribe him from time to time with colored tissue packages for chores!

With this versatile and comprehensive list, I am sure there is a method for your children. Which way do you relieve your kids allergy symptoms most?