Whenever talking about our skin, we need to understand exactly what its needs are. Experts from all around the world will tell you that the aging process is inevitable and that you will end up with different problems like fine lines and wrinkles. That is normally because of the exposure that appears to both internal and external aging elements. While the process cannot be reversed or avoided, it can be delayed. With this in mind, here are some problems that will normally appear and how you can deal with them in order to prevent aging skin.

Wrinkles: These appear in various different sizes and shapes. They are similar with the fine lines and the crow’s feet, being creases that would appear as the skin’s dermis loses elasticity and resilience. This loss is normally attributed to a natural and gradual decline of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin inside the skin.

Age Spots: Age spots are basically skin blemishes. They will appear because of overall sun exposure. As skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, cells and tissues are damaged. Melanin will be released by the body in order to counteract such damage. Instead of correcting the skin problem, it is melanin that will make the dermis have darker color. As time passes, spots are going to appear in regions that are often exposed to UV rays.

Hormonal Problems: This is a problem that many do not know much about. As we age, it is easy to end up with hormonal problems. They can affect our skin. Unfortunately, the solution to such problems is normally complicated. It is really important that you go to a clinic that is specialized in offering hormone therapy since you simply cannot use over the counter medication for this purpose.

Dry Skin: As the skin loses internal moisture, dry skin can appear. The cause is that hyaluronic acid loss that we mentioned above. At the same time, the inherent skin supply of vitamins A, C and E will dwindle. You end up with a gradual dry skin appearance that has to be countered by using products that would replenish skin moisture.

Thin Skin: When you have skin that is thin, it will be really easy to end up with huge damage. Older people normally end up with wounds because of the fact that they simply end up bumping into something. You want to keep the appearance of your skin healthy and young. This is not so difficult if you just deal with anti aging products that are designed to make skin thicker.

Dealing With The Aging Skin Problems: The truth is that most of the aging skin problems can be delayed by doing three things:

  • Making sure that your diet is healthy
  • Using skin care products designed to delay aging
  • Covering up and using sun screen in order to counter the damaging effect of UV rays

Using skin care products is always a good idea but you have to be sure that you are going to always use something of the highest possible quality.