My new wet hair-do.  Got Alissa, sister-in-law to take this picture and totally forgot I did so!  The cool thing is at I am sporting my brand spanking new skinny tees in lavender.  Let me tell you why I love this shirt.

  1. It fits snug to my body pulling my love handles in!
  2. It is purple.
  3. It is long and covers up my (a) broken zipper on my favorite jeans I am too lazy to sew, and (b) my back and belly when my awesome low riders want to show my booty crack (not a teenager anymore…LOL)
  4. It is so freaking soft!  Seriously, Jakobi even thinks so and rubbed on my belly saying, “soft, soft”
  5. It stretches and if I were pregnant that would make me happy, but since I am not (and won’t be) I am just sharing for EVERYONE else I know that is!
Check out how my skinny tee was packaged.  So, cute right!  I love the bag that it came with too..a HUGE tote.  It made me want to go shopping to fill it up!  The candy in the bag is a very nice touch as well!  Good thing I have a skinny tee!!

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