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Skip the Vanity Plate! Five Affordable Ways to Customize Your Car

Choosing a message for a vanity plate seems like a quirky way to flaunt your individuality while driving, but did you know vanity plates require an extra fee every year? Opting for a custom paint job involves only a one-time fee, but it’s pricey, and your insurance rates will go up because of it. If you want to show off who you are when you drive, opt for more affordable options that make modifying your car as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

A Custom Car Decal

Perhaps you want to advertise your business. Maybe you coach a local sports team and want to show off your team pride with the sports team’s logo on your car. Perhaps you have a special word or phrase that means something important to you. Make your individuality pop with a custom car sticker.

As small as a few square inches or as large as the entire hood of your car, customizable car stickers can show off words, copyright-free images or both. Choose between square, oval or custom die cut. Stickers can be one color or a full array of colors. The beauty of a customized car sticker is you get a modification resembling a custom paint job, but the sticker requires only a simple, inexpensive application. And application is a breeze. Simply:

  • Clean the area on the vehicle where you want to apply the decal.
  • Remove the white decal backing.
  • Carefully place the sticker on the vehicle.
  • Remove air bubbles on the decal with a credit card or squeegee.
  • Wait a day and peel off the clear transfer tape.

Bumper Stickers

Get a rectangular car sticker with a personalized message to further show off your personality. Even if you don’t make a bumper sticker with your own message, simply choosing from available bumper stickers can say something significant about you. Share your political affiliations. Post something about your religion. Show off your humorous side with a joke. Support a cause that’s important to you. Choose one bumper sticker or cover the back of your car with messages. Bumper stickers turn heads and cost only a few dollars.

An Antenna Topper

If your car has a radio antenna, slide an antenna topper over the top. From animals to pop culture properties to sports teams, the wide variety of antenna toppers means you’ll find one that means something to you. A topper tells the world you’re fun and passionate about whatever is on top of your antenna. Since they’re so affordable and easy to slip on and off, you can buy as many antenna toppers as there are days in the week. Today your car wears Mickey Mouse ears. Tomorrow it roots for the Green Bay Packers.

Seat Covers

Instead of paying extra for custom seats when you purchase the car, get customizable seat covers made from materials such as:

  • Genuine leather
  • Suede
  • Plush, bright and fun fabric
  • Soothingly soft fleece or sheepskin
  • Massaging beads

Select seat covers by deciding what offers you the most comfort or trying out the look and feel. Since they’re removable, you can change your mind or change with the seasons. Perhaps leather is too sticky in the summer while fleece is too hot. You can even have different covers for different seats according to who sits where.

Custom Rims

If you have a little money to splurge but don’t want to wait for days while your car gets a paint job, opt for custom rims. A mechanic can install rims in a matter of minutes, so you can pick out a pair and drive home with them less than an hour later. Bright colors, shiny metals and even flashing lights on the rims can turn a drab car into something stunning.
American Consumer News claims modified cars are among the most expensive types of vehicles to insure, both because crashed modified vehicles are more costly to fix and also because the flashier a vehicle is, the more attractive it is to thieves. Not only can over-the-top customizations cost you thousands or even tens of thousands to begin with, but they also increase your insurance rates and make you more paranoid about even the slightest of damage to your car. Let your individuality shine with much more affordable customizations that won’t make a significant dent in your wallet.

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