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Recently, my blog has just begun to grow in leaps and bounds. I am getting invites to special events and am coming up with all kind of creative ideas to further my blog. Unfortunately, I am full of excitement and lengthy explanations of social media campaigns. This is usually way too much to come across correctly in a mere email. Thank goodness for Skype! I am able to connect in conference calls with more than one member on my team and on my clients. If all of the participating parties have Skype then this call is free. If not the charge is very minimal at $0.023 which is totally worth it to me. Now that I am the initiator of conference calls it is nice to have a reliable service that connects with a clear line. As a matter of fact, I just booked a Twitter party with a new client using Skype. It was really easy and something I had not of even thought to do before. I will be using Skype more often with all of the new features I have discovered.

Group Screen Sharing With Skype

Sometimes my ideas require a bit more tutorial and I need the client to see my screen or vise versa. A great example of how I used group screen sharing is when I had to teach a client how to use a new Facebook sharing application a few days ago. It was too cumbersome to explain in an email and the best way I felt it could be accomplished was by a visual “hands-on” approach. With the Skype Premium package you can purchase on a monthly or day pass subscription. It worked like a charm and I accomplished in 5 minutes what would have taken over 10 emails.

Get Your Own Online Phone Number With Skype

One of the newest features I have tried (new to me not Skype) is the online phone number. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of getting all of these Facebook phone calls from people I barely know trying to sell me something. I have to have a phone number listed with my website, and my home number is not something I was too keen on giving out. Ever since Facebook changed all the privacy rules and you can download and/or sync your phone, everyone and their mother has my number. Really aggravating when your phone rings at midnight from someone on the other coast just calling to say hey haven’t see you in twenty years. I got your number online. UGH! So you can bet when I saw that Skype had an online phone number, I was all over it! I paid $18 for three months and could have opted for a whole year at $60. Now I can have a number I feel confident about putting on my business cards for people to stay in touch with me and one I do not mind being shared around online. Skype has given me peace of mind.

Skype Is Great For Moms

Most of what I have discussed above relates to me and my at-home business, but Skype is great for Moms who do not own a home business.

  • You can use it to save your family text messaging charges. Our bill was $25 a month for the whole family and now that we use Skype it is free.
  • You can share face-to-face video time with loved ones. It really is nice when family can be together in person, but video calling is the next best thing to share important family moments like the birth of a baby, birthdays, and just because I love you.
  • You can get your own phone number to keep your home number private. This is perfect for forms you need to fill out online, things you want to buy/sell on CraigsList and great to give to that teenage boy that is making googlie eyes at your daughter.
  • There is an app for that! You can download the Skype app for your mobile device and take it with you everywhere you go. You can even download it to your tablet. This can save you a ton on calling long-distance.
Check out the infographic below for other cool Skype Mom facts.

Skype Moms and TechnologyI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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