VavoaMy husband’s mom usually comes to stay with us for a week or two near the summer. I really, really enjoy it when Vavao comes to visit. She is not your average mom-in-law. She is sweet, kind and so helpful. The kids love her to pieces and miss her when she is gone. When she comes to visit us, she makes my life easier, not more difficult and I am so sad that this year she cannot come. See Vavao is a silly, fun gal with a HUGE boxer who takes her for walks, and on one such walk she tripped over her dog and broke her pelvis in FOUR places. So this year, we get to visit Vavao with Skype.

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My family also owns a Bloggie so we can take video of us at the beach (her most favorite place) and livestream it to her with Skype. How cool is that! This way she can still share in Jakobi and Mason playing at the beach. I know it really means a lot to her top be able to see the kids grow up, and since she lives so far away, she cannot just drop by at anytime. The kids also have a great connection with her and know who she is even thought they only see her once a year. Mason at only 2, can point out Vavao in pictures and knows when her and Papa Skype. Those are precious memories being made thanks to Skype!

Another way I use Skype every day is to talk to my bloggie buddies. We chat all day and get to know each other so it is super awesome to connect in real life. It is like we have already had coffee a million times over, because we have. Literally. Together. I love it!

In August, with it being conference season, I will be gone almost the whole month. This will be the longest I have ever gone without seeing my children. Thanks to Skype I do not have to! I can call them from my smart phone to their iPad2 and tuck them in at night. Mason can sing me a bedtime song and Jakobi can show me where he hides the monsters so I won’t be scared.

Skype Summer TravelI participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.