My poor baby, Jakobi, was really ill with the tummy flu in this picture.  You can hardly tell because he is all cuddled in his brand-spanking new Slankesaurus  Slanket! This one is made especially for kids with its warm fleece dino print.  The Slanket let my son stay all cozy and warm while still being able to reach his favorite toys, water, and snack cup.  He stayed all cuddled up watching TV quarantined to the couch for days in his Slanket.  You can buy this Slanket for $21.99.  They also carry adult sizes, travel Slankets as well as the Siamese Slanket for two. Retweet using the  button. This Slanket was provided to me at no cost to me; however, all opinions are my own.

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