I love a neat and tidy bed. I make my bed every morning and when I get into it at night I have to have the sheets, blankets, and comforter perfectly fit to my mattress. My husband thinks I’m crazy! He is the opposite; A messy bed doesn’t bother him and he is a wild sleeper. The sheet on his side of the bed somehow manages to slip off at least a couple times a week. It dives me crazy. Sleep Healthy has solved my problem with their amazing DreamFit sheets.

SleepHealthy is a sponsor for BlogMania, Make over your bedroom. For this review I was sent a set of DreamFit, king sized, bamboo sheets in the color tan. As soon they arrived I threw them in the washer and dryer getting them ready to put on my bed and test out. The construction of DreamFit sheets have a strong elastic binding strap that fits over a regular mattress as well as the thickest pillow top mattress. Not even my husband was able to get these sheets to budge. The DreamFit sheets I received are 300 thread count and earth friendly. They are made with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. There are several benefits to bamboo sheets. First, the bamboo quickly draws moisture from the body and dries twice as fast as most fabrics. It is also a naturally breathable material and is very soft. Another great feature about bamboo sheets are that bamboo is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial. SleepHealthy sells DreamFit Sheets starting at $99 in colors ecru, pale sage, and sand.

SleepHealthy offers sleep solutions and products that aid better sleeping; inclined bed therapy, relaxation techniques, things to avoid that will improve healthy sleeping, keeping a sleep diary, and sleep tips for your children. Besides selling DreamFit Sheets, Sleep Healthy is a great online website that sells DreamFit Mattress Pads, Bedsup Elevating Inserts, Outlast Sleep System and other sleep support products. I was thankful they solved one of my sleep issues, I’m sure they can solve yours too.

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