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Sleeping Bags For Kids

As a mom, I am always on the look out for kids things that are cute yet affordable, so Sleeping Bags For Kids was no excepetion.   I hate it when I buy something that breaks, tears or falls apart within a few days.  When I am buying something, I have a checklist to follow on every shopping trip.   I try to  make sure the item has the cool factor for the kids, is reasonably priced for my husband and will last through the season for myself.  That is way harder than you think, especially when it comes to children’s items!   Recently my kids were invited to a sleep over and we didn’t have bedding they could take.  So off we went in search of cute sleeping bags for kids that wasn’t out of our price range.  Unfortunately, every sleeping bag we found was thin, poorly constructed and pretty expensive.

If you are like me, you want your kids to have a bedroom they can feel comfortable in but is decorated in a way that expresses their unique style.  What mom doesn’t want their child’s room to be the cutest one in the neighborhood?!  Luckily I found a company named Artistic Sensations that met the needs found on my little checklist.    Artistic Sensations is a  family owned store that offers bedding, room decor and so much more for your nursery all the way up your teens room.  The items sold here are carefully chosen by moms just like you and I who have our kid’s best interest at heart.  You can rest assured that the inventory from this store is safe, durable and and so stinking cute!!  You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the materials, the construction and the customer service.

Colorful sleeping bags girls

I was delighted when Artistic Sensations offered my family two of their colorful sleeping bags girls would love  from their new collection to review.  I have two children still at home; my daughter Kitty-Kat is 13 and my son The Hen Man is 10.   Kitty Kat chose the zebra print and The Hen Man chose the soccer motif. Let me tell you that these are not your typical sleeping bags !!  You won’t find items of this quality at your favorite discount chain store.   You would not believe how deliciously soft the minky fabric is.  I am totally sneaking into my daughter’s room tonight and snagging it from her!!  The colors in the soccer sleeping bag are strikingly vibrant and has a small pillow attached…now how cool is that?!  If your kids are invited to a sleepover, you won’t want them to show up with anything but these awesome sleeping bags from Artistic Sensations!

A big thank you to Artistic Sensations for offering one lucky winner a  sleeping bag  from their new collection.

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