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I’m the mom of three young boys, so we’re always very busy and on the go.  Sometimes I worry that we’re not all getting the nutrients that we need each day.  Body by Vi has a new 90 day challenge shake mix that I decided to give a try.  I am so ready to slim down for summer. While it works wonders as a meal replacement and really promotes weight loss when used in that way, once my kids saw me making myself this yummy looking shake, they decided that they wanted in on it as well!  Since it’s really packed full of nutrients and is 99% natural, it’s completely safe for the kids, and it really reassures me that they’re going to be getting the extra nutrients that their growing bodies need!  The kids and I take our dog, Fenway, on a walk every morning, so now it’s become our routine to make ourselves shakes in the morning before our walk, and the kids beg for it every day!

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The base flavor of the shakes is “sweet cream” but there’s over 300 recipe options and add-ins that you can use to create many different flavors.  If you use just regular water to mix your shake, it actually tastes just like a cake!  No wonder the kids love it, right?  If you want to switch up the flavor easily, you can choose to use regular, soy, almond or coconut milk, or even coffee or juice for a different take on it!  I think one of my favorite recipes is the Peanut Butter Cup recipe, because it really tastes like candy and helps satisfy my craving for sweets.  It’s a super easy recipe too:

Peanut Butter Cup

8 oz milk (or almond milk)
2 scoops Vi shake mix
1 tbsp sugar free fat free chocolate pudding mix
1 tbsp peanut butter cup
1 cup crushed ice
Blend all together

Of course, if sweet isn’t quite up your alley, there are tons of other recipes that you can use to create the exact taste you’re looking for.  The possibilities are really endless!  I’m happy to have found a meal supplement-replacement that I feel good about.  In addition to being 99% natural, it’s also gluten, lactose and caffeine free, and other than a few sugar supplements that make it diabetic friendly, it’s organic as well.  I’m so happy I tried the Body by Vi 90 day challenge.  I feel like I have more energy, the kids are actually asking for something that’s good for them but can taste like they’re eating dessert, and I’m happy because I know that the ingredients are great for all of us!  With a product this versatile, there’s really no reason to not try the 90 day challenge!  You can make weight loss or nutrition taste however you want it to, and I don’t know of many other programs out there that allow that kind of flexibility!  Now that it’s summer and the kids are home, try the Body by Vi 90 day challenge and see how much better your whole family is feeling after just three months!

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