We have been showing off some amazing businesses and these may be the last of the bunch but by no means the least…

Please note that by following them on thier social media accounts, you will be entered to win some great prizes at the Small Biz Expo will take place August 8-28.

My Pink Little Cake, SITE, made from scratch and beautifully decorated sugar cookies that’ll make you say YUMMY!!!


Why Drink Pink, Plexus Slim, SITE, maybe a great solution for diabetics or a weight loss regimen packaged in a manageable way!


Dazzling Dogz, SITE & DOING A GIVEAWAY during the Biz Expo, specializes in handmade dog apparel!

Look at this bandana scruchie…cute!


Lunarra Star, SITE, has a superb line of jewelry that is amazing and whimsical.

(I have bought from this store and LOVE IT!)


A Goddess of Frugality (and a Proofing and Editing Service), BLOG, covers may money saving tips and MORE…

(I included the photo since it’s someone that has gone missing…please take a peek)


Magical Memories Travel, Facebook, works with families to plan a non-budget breaking Disney vacation!

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