The unfortunate thing about shabby chic home décor is its misunderstood. You can have good looking, practical and comfortable furniture without going to any fancy restaurant. Following, we are going to prove this theory to you. We are giving you basic guidelines about how you can use shabby furniture to turn your place around.

White Furniture: These may not sit well with everyone, but if you want shabby chic, white furniture is the key.  A great thing about shabby décor is you can use any piece of furniture, nothing uptight here.

You don’t need an art gallery to buy new furniture; you can collect your stuff from simple flea markets, your attic, or a nearby garage sale. You need to get whatever piece you get and spray white paint. You have to sand off their corner, and give it a rough look. It may take you by surprise how you can transform your furniture with just coat of white paint.

Soft Colors: Soft and delicate colors are the backbone of shabby chic home décor. If you are in bold colors, leave shabby chic. That may sound harsh, but it’s the sad reality, and shabby chic touch can be achieved only with pale, faded, muted and soft shades. So you better stick with them.

Pattern and Colors: If you wanted a spark and you thought you lost it with soft shades, don’t worry you get it back with rather playful patterns. You can start with combining different stripes, checks, yet floral.  You are getting the warm and welcoming vibe with these. You don’t have need invest in expensive stuff, that’s the beauty of shabby chic décor.

You can get decent pieces at a yard sale, or discount sale. You can mix up different pieces but make sure they stick with your background. You have to choose one color as your base, and repeat with every piece of fabric.

You have to be creative even though you are going to shabby chic décor. Yeah, most people avoid chic shabby because they are under the expression its plain dead boring. That’s not true, chic can be lively, and we are going to prove it. Not every piece of furniture should be sat on. You can use a painted chair as a side table for your bed, sofa, or as a corner table. If the chair isn’t good for you, you can use some picnic bench, or table, etc. You can go full crazy and opt for wooden boxes, just be creative about what you use.

The Slipcover: If you want, you can cover drab furniture you believe is useless with some soft slipcovers. You can get custom-made covers, or get a discounted one; it fares well for shabby chic home décor. You can transform the look with just changing some slipcovers and applying a fresh coat of white paint to your furniture. You don’t need to break your bank to make your décor stunning, and that’s the most beautiful thing about chic shabby decoration.