Smilegram Paper Stationery Gift Set Kids

Education is important to my husband and I and we want our children to be well prepared for when they enter the school system.  This is only two years away for my son, who will enter kindergarten in 2013, with his sister following close behind.  I try to work with Tate on his letters and numbers as much as possible.  With this, I am also trying to encourage him to write.  He still hasn’t mastered the art of holding the pen or pencil correctly but I’m hoping this will all fall into place.  With the knowledge of his letters, I am hoping that he will enjoy writing his newly learned letters.  This is something he needs to learn before entering kindergarten so I figure the sooner the better.  My son is easily distracted so I need every little trick I can to get him to concentrate and focus on what he is doing.

Smilegram Paper has given me a great solution!  Smilegram Paper offers a great variety of stationery, Smilegram Paper Stationery Gift Set Kids, and cards, all with children in mind.  They sent me a Color Me Happy Stationery Gift Set to review.  The Color Me Happy set comes with a writing tablet and stationery.  The writing tablet is 11″ x 8 1/2″ and contains 15 sheets.  The Stationery is 7″ x 10″ and contains 12 sheets as well as envelopes.  The paper is lined with bright and colorful crayons in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!  Both of them have lines on them perfect for children just learning how to write.  The Color Me Happy set is neutral is perfect for a boy or a girl.

All of the Smilegram Paper sets have bright designs that get children excited about learning and writing!  The paper is made of high-quality, partially recycled materials.  They have a variety of designs including Cutie Pie Cupcake, Funky Flip Flop, Baseball and Fun Jumpin’ Froggies, to name a few.  The writing tablets are $8.99 and the stationery sets are $9.99.  You can also purchase a gift set, including one writing tablet and one stationery set for $17.99!

Smilegram Paper is offering a 20% discount off your entire order exclusively for Makobi Scribe readers using discount code SMILE20 (expires 10-15-11).  Follow them on Facebook to stay current on the latest product information!
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